Jacksonville Homes For Sale

Jacksonville Homes for Sale

The River City

Jacksonville, Florida is making a name for itself as the little, big city of the South. With a population of just under $1 million, it’s far from a small town. People may even be surprised to hear that Jacksonville is the largest city in Florida and 12th largest in the United States by population. It’s grown significantly over the years due to its huge shipping presence, two large military bases, attractiveness for corporations looking to expand and reduce operating expenses, and significant tourism footprint due to its golf courses and beaches.


There is not a shortage of things to do in Jacksonville with Neptune, Atlantic, Ponte Vedra and Jacksonville Beaches just 30 minutes to the East, the St. Johns Town Center shopping complex, several museums across the city, a professional football team, and dozens of events year round. Jacksonville has developed a real culture for itself over the years and is definitely quick to claim itself as one of the most active cities in the South. Any given Saturday there are music or cultural festivals, foodie gatherings, sporting events, and concerts. Residents are known to paddle board, boat, surf, BBQ, play team sports, listen to live music and any number of other activities that strikes the fancy of this active crowd.


There are many flavors to Jacksonville that can appeal to any taste. For those looking to be near all the shopping, restaurants and amenities of a new neighborhood or condo – Southside Jacksonville may be your best bet. Interested in beautiful historic craftsman style homes with meticulously manicured lawns? Avondale Jacksonville would definitely appeal to your thirst for the details and charm. Do you prefer to spend your weekends sipping frozen cocktails or hanging ten in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean? Jacksonville Beach is definitely your bag. Are you looking for block parties and a neighborhood full of playmates for the kids? West Jacksonville or Mandarin may be just what your family needs. The list of options continues as Jacksonville tailors itself to any type of resident. What more could you ask for? Someone to help, maybe. Ann & Jeanie have spent many years in Jacksonville and can not only help you find the perfect neighborhood but the perfect home in sunny Jacksonville.


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