6 DIY Home Projects for Fall

Ann & Jeanie
Ann & Jeanie
Published on October 30, 2017

Whether or not you like it, fall has snuck up here in Northeast Florida. This is usually the time most people go into holiday hibernation mode, along with their home improvement projects. But for us Floridians, this is the perfect time of year to get outdoors!

Most homeowners reserve the sticky, hot summers for their DIY projects but we know that summer is reserved for days at the swimming pool, or for Netflix and air conditioning. Not only is the weather so much more manageable for outdoor projects come fall, you want your home to look its best for all those family members visiting for the holidays. 

So put away the pumpkin pie and change out of the holiday onesie, and head to the garage with your fellow weekend warriors for some DIY projects just in time for the best time of your for being outdoors in Florida.

  1. Prepare for a potential freeze, even if it’s not the norm. We know that it’s rare we have really harsh winters here in Florida, but think about wrapping your exterior pipes in electrical tape. Not only will it save energy as it gets cooler it will prevent your pipes from freezing if temps drop low enough, which can be a costly and frustrating experience. Check the seals on windows and doors and replace any weather stripping that could let cool air in when it’s time to turn on the heat.
  2. Take time to tend to the garden. Right now is the season to mulch around the annuals and perennials to give them a bit of protection from the winter temps. In the event we do have freezing temperatures come winter, cover your plants with sheets to keep them extra warm.
  3. Be sure to aerate your lawn. Make sure you’re keeping the lawn free of any falling leaves that might suffocate your grass or cause disease. Take some time to aerate the lawn as well. This will allow moisture to get to the roots and prevent it from dying quickly as temperatures drop. For most of us here in Florida, we’re lucky to keep our lawns alive through the winter so make sure you tend to them before the colder temperatures hit.
  4. Change the batteries in carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms. Go ahead and put in a fresh set of batteries. During winter your indoor heating elements like gas-burning appliances, fireplaces and water heaters might be in overdrive. Your home is at a much higher risk for fire or carbon monoxide leaks, so make sure your home and your family are protected before the cooler season rolls around.
  5. Seal up any openings in the attic. Be sure you have screens installed on any vents leading to the attic, and that small openings to any part of the home are covered. On chilly nights unwanted critters not used to these cooler temperatures may be looking for a warm escape and your toasty home is the perfect destination. Make sure you’re not inviting them in to enjoy those cooler nights in your attic.
  6. Put a fresh coat of paint on your home’s exterior. Without the humidity that comes with Florida summers (and fall and spring), winter is a perfect time to paint the exterior of your home. Whether it’s a new color or just some touch-ups, don’t put this off until spring when those afternoon showers will start back up! 

None of these steps will take up too much time, energy or money – you may even be able to do it all in one weekend if you’re feeling extra motivated. Fall in Florida is the perfect time to get all your little home projects done before the whole family is piling out of their cars to visit you for the holidays!


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