Historic St. Augustine – Not Just a Tourist Trap Anymore!

Ann & Jeanie
Published on May 4, 2016

Historic St. Augustine – Not Just a Tourist Trap Anymore!

Sure, we’ve all heard of St. Augustine. Even people in other states have heard of St. Augustine. It’s a tourist’s dream and the primary draw to Northeast Florida for travelers. Being the “Nation’s Oldest City,” it has all the historic sights worthy of tourist attention. The funny thing is, when people think of St. Augustine, they don’t necessarily think of it as a place to relocate to buy a home or raise a family. The truth is the city has gotten a bad rap for being a tourist trap. With increased nationwide attention to the area, such as St. Augustine being named top places in the U.S. to visit and live, more businesses are popping up. With more businesses come more jobs and people. With more people comes the need for more housing. That’s where we come in.


Of course there are the historic St. Augustine homes in the Old City. These homes come with a steeper price tag but you’ll also enjoy the old world charm that comes with one of these historic fixer uppers.  Perhaps you enjoy watching men dressed in 1500s period military garb waltz by as you sip lemonade on your creaky porch. Others may enjoy the sounds of cannons blasting on a cool Sunday evening or an afternoon hanging with your favorite wax celebrities at Potter’s Wax Museum.


While we like to tease on the quirks of living in the tourism haven, there are some real advantages to living in or near the Old City. For those of you that love to shake your groove thing to live music on a Saturday night – boy are there PLENTY of options in Historic St. Augustine. Whether it’s the sipping fruity wine at Sangrias or chilling on the deck with a Shrimp Po-Boy at Scarlett O’Hara’s, live music is not hard to come by on any corner in St. Augustine. Heck, you can even walk down St. George Street and hear your fair share of tunes.


The restaurant scene in St. Augustine has also been kicked up a notch in the past few years. The introduction of the Ice Plant at the St. Augustine Distillery offers craft cocktails and traditional Southern fare in an urban warehouse environment with a speakeasy atmosphere. This place is cool – are we still in Old St. Augustine?! If you’re looking for a restaurant that feels like an afternoon spent in your friend’s kitchen experimenting with Southern staples, then try the quaint little Floridian near Flagler College. It puts a twist on your Down South favorites while strangers feel like regulars.


It’s not just a city for the adults, though. The festival of lights happening every December boasts crowds of families from all over Florida and the activities to entertain them. There are lots of parks, water sports and educational activities for the kids to enjoy – most of which can be within walking distance so you can bask in the Florida sunshine as opposed to hopping in your car. Parking in St. Augustine is at a premium so if you’re lucky enough to snag a home near the Old City, these boots will be made for walkin’!


Living in Historic St. Augustine would definitely be an adventure for singles and families alike with an active lifestyle just a hop, skip, jump or horse and buggy ride away. Homes and space are at a premium in the Old City, so patience and persistence is the game for your realtor. Luckily, Ann and Jeanie love St. Augustine and have a real passion for finding the coolest homes there. We can’t wait to step back in time with you!


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