Moving to Jacksonville is SO Hot Right Now!

Ann & Jeanie
Published on June 14, 2016

Moving to Jacksonville is SO Hot Right Now!

… and we aren’t talking about the weather! There’s quite the buzz online about our hometown of Jacksonville and we couldn’t be more stoked about it. In the past few weeks we have noticed more and more articles popping up on the interwebs about people flocking to Jacksonville and we thought it appropriate to spread the news!


According to an article by, “The New Hot Spots Where Americans are Moving Right Now,” Jacksonville is currently boasting a low 4.4% unemployment rate. As you’d imagine, where there are jobs there are people who want to relocate to Jacksonville for those jobs. Not only are people moving from larger markets for the attractive job opportunities, but global companies are moving operations to markets like Jacksonville to cut down on both space leasing and salary expenses. Institutions like Deutsche Bank, who has increased its presence in Jacksonville over the past few years, can benefit from a huge cost savings for relocating a lot of their operations from large metropolitan cities like New York and San Francisco.


It is no secret that new developments are popping up all over Jacksonville with the influx of people moving to the area. In addition to the new developments Jacksonville is supporting the growth with new roads (Hello, 9B!) and additional schools. The brand new neighborhoods are being pushed out of Jacksonville into areas like World Golf Village, St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra. There’s more land for development and the infrastructure that comes with it. And with prices as low as they are many families can benefit from a new build in an amenity-filled neighborhood within short driving distance of downtown Jacksonville.


Okay, so we know the established families have all the great reasons to move to Jacksonville, but what about the young people?! According to the same article, Jacksonville was #2 on the list of cities that Millenials are relocating to. It’s no surprise with all the hipster restaurants, new activities and local breweries popping up around town that Millenials know moving to Jacksonville ain’t too shabby. With Jacksonville getting press like making the Forbes “20 Best Cities for Summer Travel,” I can hear the sound of young professionals everywhere zipping up those suitcases. Forbes even went as far to say that Jacksonville is a “hidden gem” and offers walkable neighborhoods like San Marco and Five Points full of bars and bistros.


What does this mean for you? Well, it’s all good in this hood. Whether you’re looking to relocate to Jacksonville and are unsure of your decision or maybe a local looking for an investment property you can guarantee that with this kind of national press Jacksonville is really making its mark as the hot new city of the South. It’s time to invest in a new home before those prices shoot up because we’ve got a hot city on our hands folks and I don’t see a cool down anywhere on the horizon!



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