Neighborhood Notes: Crescent Beach – St. Johns County’s Laid Back Beach Life

Ann & Jeanie
Published on June 4, 2017

Neighborhood Notes: Crescent Beach – St. Johns County’s Laid Back Beach Life

You’d be surprised how many people that live in North Florida haven’t heard of one of our favorite little beach towns – Crescent Beach. There are actually less than 1,000 people residing in this stretch of beach on Anastasia Island in Northeast Florida. Crescent Beach only makes up about 1.5 square miles of land so if you can call this spot home, you’ll be part of an exclusive community of residents.

Why do we love Crescent Beach so much? It has the access to everything that North Florida has to offer including high end shopping centers, amazing schools, state-of-the-art medical centers, and plenty of entertainment.

Crescent Beach is also a hop, skip or jump from Historic Saint Augustine, which you know is our favorite city in North Florida. With the Old City right around the corner residents of Crescent Beach can enjoy the history, the food, and all the art that Saint Augustine can offer. A quick drive over the Bridge of Lions and Crescent Beach residents can experience a completely different atmosphere from their home town. The best part? You won’t have to drive hours to take advantage of this nationally recognized destination. It’s just in your backyard!

But what about Crescent Beach itself? If you like the idea of a relaxed lifestyle in a quiet little beach town, Crescent Beach may be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s largely a beach destination for summer visitors and is made up primarily of condominiums and beach houses. There are a handful of great seaside restaurants and shops, but it’s mostly a quiet town.

The best part is that Crescent Beach is a quiet escape during the non-tourist seasons. If you like the idea of walking down quiet beaches in the evening without too many distractions, or not sharing the sand with thousands of residents, you might also like Crescent Beach.

Some residents even escape the town during the high tourist season and rent out their homes or condominiums. Maybe you’d be able to purchase a home you love slightly outside of your budget since you know you can bring in summer rental rates. You could escape the beach during the high season and enjoy having an even nicer home during the slow seasons. It’s the perfect solution for snow birds who might want to spend their summers elsewhere.

Regardless of how you want to design your beach life, Crescent Beach is the perfect choice for anyone looking for that laid back atmosphere close to the hustle and bustle for those times you want to be part of the action!


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