Resolution #3: Focusing on Your Passion Projects at The Legends

Ann & Jeanie
Ann & Jeanie
Published on January 24, 2018

Well, this resolution is slightly more fun that eating right, getting fit or saving money. But it’s also one we often make. With a life full of kids to take to school, bosses to keep happy, homes to clean, laundry to do and food to put on the table – there’s often little time left for life’s passions that we spend so much of our time thinking about and not doing.

Perhaps you love to crochet, and want to open your own Etsy store to sell your beautiful handmade goods. Maybe you’d like somewhere to put your wood-working bench to start building furniture again. And it could be that you just want to focus more on your tennis game.

Whatever your passion might be – The Legends at World Golf Village can be the perfect community to focus on this important New Year’s resolution. If golf is your passion, it’s minutes from the courses of World Golf Village. And for those wanting to live in a condo but need extra space to store their scrapbooking materials or their jewelry-making supplies, units have private garages and storage spaces that can be used as your new workshop.

The Legends has a pristine pool for those wanting to take up their water aerobics hobby again. And well-maintained tennis courts for those itching to get back on the courts in the new year. And with its close proximity to the St. Augustine Outlets, the shopaholic can pursue their love for a good bargain!

Best of all, The Legends is a stone’s throw from the best schools in the state, and the World Golf Village and MuraBella shopping centers so there aren’t a bunch of extra stops for you on the way home from your daily errands. And what does that mean? More time to devote to your passion projects in the New Year. See what we did there? You’re on your way to keeping this resolution already!



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