St. Augustine’s Best Kept Secret – The New TrailMark!

Ann & Jeanie
Published on July 2, 2016

St. Augustine’s Best Kept Secret – The New TrailMark!

Have you heard about St. Augustine’s hottest new neighborhood – TrailMark? Well, we have and we’re going to let you in on this little secret.


We’ve started bringing some of our buyers over to TrailMark in the World Golf Village area of St. Augustine. Why? We think it’s a great value for new builds and given the information we have on other developments in the area we think TrailMark will be HOT as soon as the news of this hood catches fire.


TrailMark is just past the World Golf Village area of St. Augustine, off Pacetti Road. It’s a secluded new community in St. Johns County with 1,300 acres of natural beauty, an excessive amount of amenities and beautiful new home options. TrailMark boasts preserved oak hammocks, winding waterways, and pools overlooking vast, sparkling community lakes. It also has some great options for builders and floor plans.


Well, enough of the marketing chat for the community, let’s get down to the facts and why we think TrailMark is a great option for new home buyers!


Now what makes TrailMark so special?

  1. Value – Well, we personally think the prices are low for what you get. This is partly because TrailMark is in the beginning stages of development. While you might have to deal with construction for a little while, you’ll get a great bargain on a brand new property. By the way, you’ll be able to pick out everything – just the way you like it – unlike some other new build neighborhoods in this area.
  2. New state-of-the-art Schools – Also, there are schools slated for development in this area. We all know how amazing the St. John’s County school system is which is driving a record number of families to the area. With that kind of growth new neighborhoods like TrailMark are popping up, and the schools are being built close to support them. In TrailMark’s case, you could even let the kiddos walk to school!
  3. Area Growth – This area is growing. We hear rumors of a Target being built off of this exit to join the huge Publix shopping center with a growing number of restaurants and stores. TrailMark is just a 2-minute or so drive from the Publix shopping center. The growth in this area isn’t stopping ANY time soon.
  4. Home Value – Sometimes people don’t always think of this, but it’s important to consider if a home will go up in value years down the road when you’re looking to sell. This area is the trifecta for an increase in home value – neighborhood growth, new and good school system, and getting in very early in the development when prices are low.
  5. Beauty – When we first drove through TrailMark we were shocked at how the developers took great care in preserving the beauty of the neighborhood such as the huge oaks with hanging Spanish moss. Normally developers level the land, as it’s much cheaper for the neighborhood development but results in many years of little vegetation.


All in all, we think TrailMark is this area’s best kept secret right now. Get in while it’s still a secret… and let us take you by. If you can keep another secret, we’ll even let you know that we are personally planning to invest in this neighborhood! Check out TrailMark today!


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