Why Florida is the Best State for Retirement  

Ann & Jeanie
Published on February 18, 2017

Why Florida is the Best State for Retirement  


Whether you were born and raised in Florida or hail from one of the other 49 states, we think Florida is hands down the best state for retirement. Low cost of living, water sports, sunshine, outlet malls, and spending the holiday in shorts are only a few of our favorite things about living in Florida. If you aren’t already enjoying your golden years in the sunshine state, we know it won’t be long before you start packing your bags.


The Tax Situation

One of the financial positives of retiring in Florida is that there is no income tax, inheritance tax or estate tax. When you’re on a budget any reduction in taxes is helpful for your stretching that dollar a bit further.


Glorious Weather

Sure, Summer months may be hotter than what you’re used to but the climate of Florida is pretty great all year. The average high temperatures in the Summer are still around 81 degrees, making Florida not much worse than major cities like Washington, D.C. and New York City, especially because Florida really knows how to use its air conditioning. We promise you won’t mind sitting by the pool for the holidays as opposed to shoveling snow.


Lower Cost of Living 

If you’re thinking of settling down somewhere for retirement, rest assured that you can get more bang for your buck in Florida than the West Coast or Northeast. Not only are homes more attractively priced, general living costs are much lower than many other parts of the country. Choose your city carefully as some cities like Miami aren’t as attractive as areas like Tampa, Orlando or Jacksonville.


Plenty of Active Adult Communities

We’re not the only ones that think Florida is a great place to retire. Because of Florida’s popularity as a retirement destination there are hundreds of retirement communities across the state for any budget and style. Many times these communities have dozens of activities, social groups and amenities to keep you entertained and meeting friends. Actually, the largest retirement community in the country is The Villages, located in Ocala.


Retirement should be a fun, worry-free time in your life and that includes your home, expenses and general enjoyment of life. We’re certain Florida will check all the boxes and have everyone in your family wanting to come for a visit. There’s nothing better than your golden years in the sunshine state.


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