World Golf Village – Now Far from “Just” a Golf Community

Ann & Jeanie
Published on May 9, 2016

World Golf Village – Now Far from “Just” a Golf Community

“I don’t play golf.”


“I’m not retired.”


These are just some of the reasons we hear for people not moving to the World Golf Village area of St. Augustine, Florida. Listen up, folks. In World Golf Village, the times are-a-changin’, and this is a change you want to get in on! In this week’s “Neighborhood Notes,” we’re talking all things World Golf Village, or as we like to call it “World Not-Just-Golf-Anymore Village.”


The World Golf Village area has been very much built around the King and Bear golf course and the actual Village that houses restaurants, golf shops and the IMAX theater. Because when it was built there was not much around the area except for the St. Augustine Outlets and it was a bit of a hike from either Jacksonville or Historic St. Augustine, people would tend to shy away from this community.


World Golf Village did start to get the reputation of attracting a retired or golf-focused crowd because well, there wasn’t much else out there. It’s a shame the misconceptions have stuck but I can assure you the community is an entirely different place now.


Everywhere you turn there is a new neighborhood popping up and with new construction comes all the extras and amenities. Are you dreaming of community pools and granite counter tops yet? Murabella ( is a more established neighborhood but the houses are far from vintage (typically 5 years or less in age). Developers have just broken ground on two new neighborhoods on Pacetti Road just past World Golf Village – TrailMark ( even boasts lots of nature-focused activities like hiking and kayaking.


Now, for those of you worried about looking out your window and seeing tumble weeds… I can assure you World Golf Village’s development is going sky high. You’ll find a Publix in your backyard as well as a CVS and Walgreens. Recently a huge Gate station has gone in (with a fro-yo store!) as well as stores and restaurants quickly going in to the new strip mall put up just next to the Publix shopping center. I also heard a little rumor that a Target is in the plans, but you didn’t hear it for me! 😉


For those of you with families, this place is right up your alley. Most of the communities popping up in this area have full community centers with swimming pools, playgrounds and activities for kids. We hear a new school is going in to this area as well. Some of these World Golf Village area neighborhoods are even doing “food truck Fridays” and making sure ice cream trucks are always around on those Summer days. This place is far from a retirement community!


On the flip side, if you are retired and looking for activities with people in the same stage of life as you there are communities like the Cascades created just for you. Lawn care is included and so are lots of organized activities so you can meet other retirees!


A lot of investors are seeing the attractiveness of this area and snagging up rental properties. I think that clue and the constant development of communities and shopping centers is just the proof you need to realize World Golf Village is on the up-and-up and not going anywhere anytime soon. Jacksonville is just expanding out and with all these amenities and new builds at these low prices, World Golf Village is a buyer’s dream.


Check out this hot up and coming area as I can guarantee it won’t be “St. Augustine’s Best Kept Secret” for long – especially if we have anything to do with it! Shhhhhhhh…




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